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As one cannot find a discrete starting point on the surface of a sphere, in the Hartle-Hawking model, there is no point of creation and this seems to obviate the need for a creator.
The authors therefore recommended ciprofloxacin for the prevention of PTTO, because its use obviates the risk of ototoxicity without sacrificing efficacy.
Hence, the increasing popularity of cremation that obviates the need for a burial plot, which is a very expensive item in the package.
It obviates the necessity for the patternmaker to calculate the percentage of shrinkage for each pattern dimension.
This 140m long roof is not just a picturesque feature: it obviates the need to allow for snow loads on the building below, and removes most of the solar heat gain from the production rooms, where stable temperatures are important.
(This method is the same one used in vehicle ignition immobilizers and RF ID badges.) Because this approach obviates the need for a battery, the tire sensors can be queried far more often than an active system, providing a more immediate and complete record.
(3,4) Supracricoid partial laryngectomy obviates the need for permanent tracheostomy, does not result in significant swallowing dysfunction, and preserves reasonable voice quality.
Whitehead says this Function, which obviates the need for specialized CFD software, brings high-quality fluid flow simulations "to the engineering masses."
It allows state spending to be spread over a long period, and during the same time obviates responsibility for maintenance.
In the author's estimation, this procedure is cost-effective because it obviates the need for multiple office visits and multiple cauterizations, which are often necessary with other forms of treatment.
This obviates any abrupt break between building and urban space, which is thus mastered on every scale, from the whole composition to the details of the constituent parts', maintains Buffi, who sees this procedure as a means of levelling any invidious contrasts between prestigious facades and mean courtyards.
"Different solutions and options have been raised about Arak, the most important of which is what Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi has said and obviates the concerns about Arak by making some technical changes in certain parts of the reactor to reduce the amount of plutonium which may cause concern," Araqchi told reporters on in Vienna Tuesday night, where he is due to hold talks for the next three days with representatives of the Group 5+1 (the US, Russia, China, Britain and France plus Germany) on compiling a comprehensive deal to settle differences over Iran's nuclear program.