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The newer devices are more expensive but may prove to be more cost effective by obviating the need for post-exposure prophylaxis and medical costs associated with needle-stick injury.
Agrawal, but powdered metals absorb rather than reflect the energy, obviating the sparking problem.
Amoco is particularly pleased that the find is within the confines of its existing marine natural gas production area, obviating the need for much additional infrastructure.
This has the advantage of obviating some of the largely unanswerable questions about who is worthy to receive Communion.
But before choosing this new channel, beware of the pitfalls that can undermine its effectiveness, obviating the potential benefits and discouraging usage.
(Shopping by catalogue had not yet really caught on.) In fact, in many buildings, mail was hand-delivered to each tenant, obviating the need for a mailroom.
Clearly, as in the history of rehabilitation, provisions for people with mental disabilities lag behind, yet a review of the examples given above will reveal several approaches that can be extremely effective in company practice, obviating the need for making special provisions each time an atypical employee is hired.
Any device that includes a driver for a specific class can communicate with any device in that class, obviating the need for device-specific drivers (the connection is made via a mini- or full-size connector, depending on the device).
Here their choice of low alloy high-tensile strength steel cladding creates a rain-screen that develops a self-protective oxide layer offering natural protection and obviating the need for painting.
The additional time will permit employers to submit more accurate information on magnetic tapes or diskettes at the same time similar information is submitted to the federal government, obviating the filing of corrected forms and minimizing inconsistencies in the information submitted to the Commonwealth and the federal government.
With particular regard to the imposition of penalties for failure to comply with certain information reporting requirements, sections 6721 through 6724 were amended to consolidate the information reporting penalty provisions, thereby obviating the imposition of multiple penalties for failures relating to a single information reporting return.