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13) In non-local scenarios (3[left right arrow]3), however, both a direct and an inverse verb form exist, and its usage is sanctioned by the rules governing obviation status in nominals.
The obviation of label and wash steps results in a very simple protocol, and these authors have described conditions for regeneration of the probe, thus minimizing the number of disposables.
96) This result undoubtedly owes its beginnings to the High Court's early pronouncement about the surplus revenue and the obviation of the need to precisely define the balance of the CRF.
Some courts, seemingly accepting the obviation of judicial futility and inadequacy doctrines by the PLRA, have taken a different approach to providing procedural safeguards in applying the exhaustion requirement.
This article develops and motivates a uniform analysis of the direct / inverse and obviation marking (DIO-marking), based on the (extended) theory of linguistic empathy.
Their topics include an interpretive effect of head movement, northern Norwegian degree questions and the syntax of measurement, parallel phases in the high and low left periphery of Old Italian, and obviation in subjunctive agreement clauses and their first-personal interpretation.
Sadly, Szonyi is right: most readers will need all this introduction; one hopes, however, that his work will contribute to the progressive obviation of preliminaries.
The possibility that same-sex love and desire between and for radical women be understood in terms other than those of a transpersonal phantasmagoria of bodily-sacrificial ego-ideals, and that such love and desire may serve to oppose rather than (re)instantiate both fascism and patriarchy through exemplary obviation of reificatory, indentitarian tendencies between and amongst such women, does not seem conceivable, much less desirable, within Hennessy's nonetheless important materialist feminist critique of contemporary lesbian cultural theory.
For Soviet social reformers, the sphere of daily life (byt in Russian) and in particular, the home, was the arena in which this fundamental restructuring of the society was thought through and materialized, from the obviation of class antagonisms to the liberation of women.
Perhaps one could begin with less radicality by saying anti-"community" first, and from which one is able to subsequently discern why there should be a call for the obviation of community today.
These long-term observatories have been dubbed "CORKs" which is both an eponym and an acronym (Circulation Obviation Retrofit Kits).