obvious meaning

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interests that they attribute to him was not so much a theme as a substitute for a theme, since it had no obvious meaning either to the electorate or the candidate.
It used to be a strange beauty, elusive and devoid of obvious meaning.
World War I is an historical event which has no obvious meaning for Americans, writes Marks Meigs in the introduction to his book, Optimism at Armageddon: Voices of American Participants in the First World War.
100) Lotto shows a few whole figures and often omits mottoes, but is like this in the obvious meaning and in general.
Guests tried to ignore the obvious meaning in the song's words and just chatted and watched.
The] obtuse meaning is discontinuous, indifferent to the story and to the obvious meaning.
The conclusion is the interesting observation that "plant closure decisions appear to reflect the strategies and idiosyncrasies of individual firms," with the quite obvious meaning for legislation which would attempt to fix the problem.
Unlike 'rich media', it has a clear and obvious meaning that should minimize communication gaps between clients, agencies and technology providers.
29) A less obvious meaning corresponds to the conflict between the Church and modern materialist society, which is played out in what a literary critic would call the "subtext" of Chapoton's narrative.
The obvious meaning here is that engineers at both companies interpreted the ITU recommendation in the same way.