obvious meaning

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A slight attention to the connection of the clauses, and to the obvious meaning of the terms, will satisfy us that the deduction is not even colorable.
Don't look at me, I'm changing To get the joke, a child would need to a) understand the more obvious meaning of the word changing in respect of traffic lights, b) then identify that the same word can have a second, more 'naughty', meaning, then c) put together the two possible meanings of the same word and compare them in the context it's the idea that traffic lights might be taking their clothes off that's funny (or not
A large green metallic structure, seemingly positioned randomly in Liverpool ONE, with no obvious meaning, must catch the eye of many.
To reach this conclusion, the judges took a minor comment from Justice Scalia's Heller decision, and completely changed the very obvious meaning and intent of the comment and the Heller decision itself.
One of the most frustrating aspects to the legal wrangling over bearing arms, aside from the obvious meaning of the Second Amendment, is the fact that there is clear evidence readily available which proves that restrictions on citizens bearing arms for self-defense do not enhance public safety.
There are also unreadable scribbles or phrases with no obvious meaning.
The vast majority of them clearly do not plan to live in Israel, which is the liturgy's obvious meaning.
Of course, being tired is the most obvious meaning but others are salient as well: to be used up; to be emptied by drawing out the contents; to deprive wholly of useful or essential properties, possessions, resources, etc.
The most obvious meaning of "new ideas" may not always involve reinventing the wheel.
Apart from its obvious meaning, memoire may also be rendered 'good name' or 'renown'; engloutir means to 'swallow up' or 'engulf'.
Accordingly, the court refused to look beyond the plain and simple words of the statute, which pursuant to their obvious meaning, revealed no ambiguity whatsoever.
It truly deserves its reputation as the third rail of politics, a reference to the third rail that carries the electric current with the obvious meaning that any politician who touches it will die.