obvious sense

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Aside from his obvious sense of humour, Billy has found a new challenge for 1998 back in his home town of Chicago.
A measure of self-rule makes obvious sense for both nations, while the London assembly is really a city council enjoying the prestige appropriate for the size and importance of the area it covers.
Yet there is also obvious sense in the scientists' reply that, without innovation, we would be without most of the benefits of modern life.
A nil-premium merger makes little obvious sense,' said David Lis, UK fund manager at Morley Fund Management - one of Abbey's top five institutional investors.
In their last two championship games, the side have registered only one goal - an obvious sense of worry for Loughnane.
Stephen Games, who heads the consortium of architects, property developers and managers, said: ``We believe we have put together a plan of such obvious attraction it should make obvious sense to Brent Council and help them get over their clear emotional attachment to having a national stadium here.
While she emphasises that this is in no way meant to be a politically correct version of the story, there is one obvious sense in which Wertenbaker's is a post-feminist Cinderella.
There was an obvious sense of frustration as a number of calls from the umpires went against Grangetown, however the home side played well enough to reduce the arrears to just five goals at one point, before a number of errors handed Ryland possession and their more clinical finishing saw the Bromsgrove side re-establish their advance in the third quarter.
Unified under the notion of 'identity', each artist chose to transform an object into another sense other than the obvious sense perceived from it.
Spare Magazine Carriers: Magazine carriers make obvious sense for a grab-and-go firearm since it will often be used when there isn't time to "suit up" with a vest loaded with magazine pouches.
Monsignor Heaney, a former parish priest in Robinstown and Dunderry, said: "On his visit to the Carty home, Bishop Smith was most impressed by the obvious sense of solidarity and support for the family from the community of Robinstown and the whole parish of Dunderry.