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The Tsar heard but obviously did not like the reply; he shrugged his rather round shoulders and glanced at Novosiltsev who was near him, as if complaining of Kutuzov.
shouted Miloradovich in a loud, self-confident, and cheery voice, obviously so elated by the sound of firing, by the prospect of battle, and by the sight of the gallant Apsherons, his comrades in Suvorov's time, now passing so gallantly before the Emperors, that he forgot the sovereigns' presence.
He saw out of the window how she went up to her brother, put her arm in his, and began telling him something eagerly, obviously something that had nothing to do with him, Vronsky, and at that he felt annoyed.
Her daughter's future was obviously assured, and even as to her son Stevie she need have no anxiety.
For instance, if that gentleman with the red face, who has obviously eaten and drunk too much, were to have an apoplectic fit at the moment, and die in his chair, it would not shock or distress me in the least.
I think the most important thing is the size of the club, the culture of the club, the players, the manager and obviously the fans, who make the club this special.
Obviously I managed to get through a bunch of matches and did okay.
And I said to Pete that I was obviously disappointed in what was said and what was written about the American fans that obviously took me under their wing fantastically back in April (at the Masters).
It was obviously closer than we wanted it to be, definitely.
It's good to work with him and obviously it's a great duo that they have brought in on very high calibre, so it will be really enjoyable.
Every time we step into a racing car there's obviously risk," he said.
Obviously he [Rodgers] has his beliefs and he didn't think that.