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Against this background, the obviousness or non-obviousness of the subject matter is determined.
Of course, the actual effectiveness of the bar depends on the exact contents of the new and prior arts--that is, on the presence or absence of anticipation or obviousness.
Proving this was an essential component to the obviousness defense.
For all three conditions, this resulted in a U-shaped distribution, as subjects who thought the patent was either highly likely or highly unlikely to be obvious were more confident in their responses than subjects who concluded the obviousness decision was a closer call.
nonobviousness standard is changing, it is unlikely that the Federal Circuit's 2009 decision in In re Kubin (31) will result in a heightened standard of obviousness throughout the pharmaceutical sector.
We must clear the inventions patentable [section] 101 hurdle before we even begin to discuss [section] 103 obviousness and conditions for patentability; what really amounts to going through the same process twice.
Baxter International, reversed the district court's JMOL on two of the patents and reinstated the jury's finding that these patents were invalid for obviousness.
relevant to the question of obviousness, beginning at the turn of the
The Degree of Obviousness and the Commingling of Economic
Dean Sadgrove said: "Colin Wilbourn's altar, lectern and seating avoid the obviousness of tidy symmetry.
The revocation application also alleges obviousness of the invention over various references, and again similar representations have been dealt with elsewhere.