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A superiorly based partial thickness SCM flap was harvested, carefully preserving vascularity received from occipital artery and the same was rotated anteriorly to cover the defect over the facial nerve and its branches, retromandibular vein, the branches of the external carotid artery and masseter muscle.
A common finding, for example, is that compression of the occipital artery may alleviate ipsilateral periorbital pain.
[36], in which the GON was entrapped by pathological contact with the occipital artery. In their report, a 66-year-old woman with severe right-sided occipital neuralgia showed a severe tenderness over the trunk of the right GON with a strong pulsation of the occipital artery branch.
Iwashita, "Persistent proatlantal intersegmental artery and occipital artery originating from internal carotid artery," Neuroradiology, vol.
In all of the roe deer, occipital artery were contributed to arterial supply of the ganglion except one roe deer only.
The greater occipital nerve is located in the medial of the occipital artery at the superior nuchal level.
[1,3] Posterior condylar canal also transmits meningeal branches of the occipital artery. The lateral transcondylar surgical approach for skull base surgery involves extensive dissection and may cause injury to the neurovascular structures.
The occipital artery, if palpable, is a reliable landmark.
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In this procedure PICAs, AICAs, SCAs, or PCAs are anastomosed end-to-end, end-to-side, or side-to-side to the contralateral equivalent arteries or to the extracranial arteries such as superficial temporal artery and the occipital artery to achieve the revascularization of the neural parenchyma [5, 6].