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Greater occipital nerve block for migraine and other headaches: is it useful?
Due to the high efficacy and low risk of occipital nerve stimulation, it could be used on some decrepit patients.
2) Previous evidence indicates that occipital neuralgia affects the greater occipital nerve in 90% of cases, lesser occipital nerve in 10% of cases, and both occipital nerves in 9% of cases.
For PDPH patients who do not respond to conservative medical treatment alternative treatments such as bilateral occipital nerve block should be considered.
After non-invasive approaches to the management of his occipital neuralgia failed, bilateral greater occipital nerve blocks conferred symptom relief in a matter of hours.
The Occipital nerve can be damaged from pressure, and the lingual nerve can be damaged by wrapping straps under the chin with a laryngeal mask airway or endotracheal tube in place.
Occipital nerve injury is an uncommon complication after anaesthesia and surgery (4), although maybe under-recognised5.
The investigators proposed that they exert a local effect through the greater occipital nerve.
Five years ago experts at the University College Hospital diagnosed the condition as CT and finally agreed that occipital nerve stimulation - the implanting of a nerve stimulus operated by a remote control when the pain strikes - was the only solution.
A study presented at the recent headache conference showed promising results from occipital nerve stimulation (ONS), said Silberstein.
But the slight relief is only temporary, which is why she's considering the deep brain surgery - an Occipital Nerve Stimulator Implant.