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Approximately 5 million catheters are placed in patients in the United States each year, with as many as 25 percent becoming occluded.
Previously announced results from a Phase 2 multi-center, randomized, double-blind study in 55 patients with occluded central venous catheters demonstrated that alfimeprase restored flow to 40% and 50% of occluded catheters 5 and 15 minutes after the first dose, respectively.
Each year approximately five million catheters are placed in patients in the United States, of which as many as 25% become occluded.
has performed several cases using the Peripheral Rinspiration System in occluded lower limb vessels.
The release of the Oasis system is a significant technological advancement in the management of patients with occluded dialysis access grafts.
GUSTO stands for Global Use of Strategies To open Occluded arteries in acute coronary syndromes.
president and chief executive officer of ImaRx Therapeutics, said, "We believe our portfolio of clot busting product candidates has the potential to dramatically improve the treatment and outlook of stroke victims and those suffering from occluded catheters and peripheral vascular disease.
Dilatation, or balloon, catheters are used to open coronary arteries occluded by the buildup of fatty deposits, or plaque, associated with atherosclerosis.
The device, consisting of a thin, titanium wire that is placed into an occluded graft, artery or vein, delivers low power, acoustic energy to ablate blood clots into minute particles approximately the size of red blood cells.
Featuring a unique tip and shaft design, Predator offers enhanced pushability and trackability, thus enabling physicians to more easily guide the balloon to and across occluded, distal coronary lesions.
Culp's presentation, "Microbubble Augmented Sonothrombolysis of Occluded Dialysis Grafts: A Preliminary Report of the Initial Human Experience", will take place on April 3rd at 8:12 am at the Ernest N.