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As to the planes of reference, the highest correlations were achieved with the palatal plane (PP), in contrast to the occlusal plane (OP), as shown in Figure 6.
Wits analysis was done by first drawing the functional occlusal plane and then taking perpendicular from bony point A and the bony point B to the occlusal plane.
13 The inclination of the occlusal plane (OP) is considered to be one of the key factors governing occlusal balance.
Restoration of the dentition to such an altered occlusal plane can introduce posterior protrusive interferences.
Clinical examination revealed a disharmony of the occlusal plane, poor restorations, missing teeth and a 4 unit implant-supported PFM bridge in the lower left area in under-occlusion
Vertical occlusion was graded according to the coverage of mandibular incisor by the most protruded fully erupted maxillary incisor and was recorded as ideal: if the lower primary incisal edges were contacting the palatal surfaces of the upper primary central incisors in centric occlusion, increased, if the mandibular incisors were touching the palate, open bite, when a gap existed between the incisal edges of incisors along the occlusal plane, and reduced, if the incisal tips of the lower primary incisors were not contacting the upper incisors or the palate in centric occlusion but with positive overbite [9].
Retromolar space from anterior edge of ramus AER-7 was measured up to the distal surface of the lower second molar along the occlusal plane.
Las variables analizadas fueron las empleadas por el trabajo de Tanaka y Sato "Longitudinal alteration of the occlusal plane and development of different dentoskeletal frames during growth" publicado en el Am.
Clinically there is a disturbance in the occlusal plane such that the marginal ridges of the ankylosed infra-erupted tooth or teeth are apical to the occlusal plane.
To associate the pixel count of each imaged model with the true length measurements (mm), each model can be placed within a box of known size or the millimeter acetate paper can be placed between the camera and the occlusal plane of the dental cast [2].
Loth & Henneberg (1996) described a simple and highly accurate method for sex determination, through the posterior edge flexure at the level of the occlusal plane in mandibular ramus observation.