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As this occultation will be a grazing event in England, taking place before sunrise, though at rather low altitude, it is worth providing a detailed description of this event.
It may be winter, it may be early hours for North America, but at least dark-sky occultations are easy to observe.
One highlight for UK observers was an account of the 2010 occultation by asteroid (130) Elektra, when all six positive timing chords were made from the UK, far exceeding successes of previous years.
Because the Taurus star-forming region is rather wide, occultations of young stars within that cloud occur every year.
In 1997, with Bert Carpenter, he organised the 16th European Symposium on Occultation Projects (ESOP XVI), the annual meeting of the European Section of the International Occultation Timing Association (IOTA-ES), held on that occasion at the Royal Greenwich Observatory, Cambridge on 1997 September 5-10 (Journal, vol.
Pluto's motion is imperfectly known, however, and until last week there had been no confirmed stellar occultations by Pluto on record, so astronomers gathered to take a look not only from the NASA aircraft but also from observatories in New Zealand, Australia and Tasmania.
Saturday night December 30th offers a good nighttime occultation for much of eastern North America and a twilight-to-daylight occultation for western North America.
In a dark or twilight sky, an occultation or a very close conjunction between Venus and a crescent Moon can certainly be an awe-inspiring naked-eye sight and can attract the attention of even those who do not normally look up at the sky.
One of those misses (red track in diagram), by Sam Insana in Gila Bend, Arizona, fell between five positive occultation tracks to his north and two to his south.
There is well-established worldwide collaboration, via the internet, between occultation amateurs and professionals.
The September occultation, which is still being analyzed, revealeda compact object that astrophysicists had not been aware of.
However, the occultation timings don't match the silhouette expected for a spherical object.