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The researchers determined that such a stellar occultation would occur on Nov.
Since astronomers haven't observed many centaur occultations and have already found a ring, Jewitt says, it may be that rings are relatively common.
During the occultation the star will disappear behind the 11th magnitude asteroid, which itself should be visible in medium sized instruments.
This eclipsing of Venus by moon is called occultation, similar to what happens in solar eclipses (when the moon covers the sun)," explained Zaki A.
Ahmadi-Nejad said "the US had stopped the re-appearance" of al-Mahdi, the 12th and last of the holiest Imams for the Twelvers - a child the Ja'faris believe is in a state of occultation since 941 AD and is to return to rule the world in justice.
pencil- beam Scatterometer and an Italian payload called Radio Occultation Sounder for the Atmosphere ( ROSA).
The passage of one celestial body in front of another is known as an occultation.
Some theologians are already uneasy at Ahmadi-Nejad's religious beliefs, especially his emphasis on the "missing imam" - the Shiite leader who entered occultation in 941 and whom Shiite believe will return to rule before Judgment Day.
And after various forms of interaction (absorption, penetration, occultation, habitation) between the body and the works of art that arise from it, what remains for art besides the mark of a body's passage?
They are, moreover, considerably worsened by the occultation from the discussion of classical economics and of alternative concepts of individualism.
The Twelvers identify these as staring with Ali and ending with a figure who as a young boy went into what's called occultation, or hiding, around the year 875.