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Being the first popular organization to promote both occultism and eastern traditions in the United States, Europe, and British colonies in Asia, Theosophy became the foundation of belief for myriad communities and new religious movements.
Ossani and Mattioli further use personal letters and notebooks to reconstruct the author's most important love relationships (first briefly with her cousin Valentino Piccoli and later more long-lasting with the aviation colonel Guglielmo della Noce), her readings on occultism and symbology, her participation in the esoteric circles of Julius Evola and Francesco Zingaropoli, and the 1926 publication of her first book, Le favole insidiose, under the pseudonym of Igor Velasco.
Whether you believe Lovecraft had supernatural powers or not, no one can argue against Lovecraft's profound influence on many modern black arts and the darker currents of western occultism.
After his original preface, the jokes appear in sections on age-old envy, rotten scholars, the untouchables, occultism and medicine, various vocations, extraordinary faculties, petty sport, mocking vulgarity, air of sexually sophisticated women, body parts, funny mistakes, daily necessities, and interacalary words.
Disturbing Stories of Stolen Destinies, Idolatrous Religions, Occultism, Fallen Angels, Witchcraft and Demonology
Based in the 1930s, spiced with occultism, witchcraft and secret societies the breathtaking artwork highlights folklore and fairytales from all over the world.
Money, Masons and Occultism in the Decline of the Catholic Church", author Leo Lyon Zagami reveals the possible reasons for the choice of historical abdication of Benedict XVI and traces the process that led to the election of Cardinal Bergoglio: the Pope who many have prophesied will be the last to hold that sacred office and will bring the Catholic Church to its end.
When Hitler came to power he began to persecute those involved in the occult, and something similar occurred under Stalin's regime: "Books on occultism were removed from shelves all across the country, members of esoteric groups were sent to camps and shot" (pp.
Iconic works were given ample space presented alone on individual walls, while four compact laboratories introduced a productive density: One could dig for hours through philosophical and archival material covering themes relevant to these artists' longing for a fourth dimension beyond everyday perception, including color, occultism, science, film, and architecture.
On the one hand, this is a study of how occultists utilize music and draw inspiration from musical phenomena, but also meditation on how occultism has influenced popular music.
The Elizabethan mystic, mathematician, magician and alchemist Dr John Dee, who was closely associated with Queen Elizabeth and taught Sir Philip Sidney, played an influential role in the spread in Germany of hermeticism and occultism when in 1589 he travelled through Germany on his way back from an official visit to Bohemia (Yates 1975, 22-3, 65-70 etpassim).