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Occultist Cecil Williamson, his friend Aleister Crowley (right) and Nazi top brass who were obsessed with the dark arts included (above from left) Rudolf Hess, Heinrich Himmler and Adolf Hitler
With all the fascination individuals, both occultist and layman, fastened on the occult elements of Lovecraft's works, it seems as if many readers nearly take for granted the author's obsession, or at least profound interest, in the study of the esoteric and occult.
One of occultist Aleister Crowley's wives, Maria Teresa Ferrari de Miramar, spent 30 years in the hospital.
However, I would like to state that I, like Denis Saurat avers about European philosophical poets in his old but veritable study, cannot affirm that Fernando Pessoa was a practicing occultist.
In this light, it is fitting that Se Taire is based on a portrait of the Russian occultist Helena P.
The occultist believes he or she has uncovered significant truths regarding reality that are hidden for various reasons from most people.
based Gardiner insists the designation 007 refers to John Dee--a 16th century magician, occultist and spy who signed his letters with the three-digit moniker.
Nostradamus, being an occultist, is now roasting on the end of Satan's barbecue fork.
Editor's note: Before the debate on my article on secret societies veers off course, let me make it clear that the "secret societies" I meant in my article are not the Freemasons and other such occultist groups.
In Hawksmoor Nicholas Dyer, an equivalent of Nicholas Hawksmoor--the eighteenth-century architect, is portrayed more as an occultist than an architect.
This was no fairy tale set in some fantastical forest, but a production by German director Falk Richter inspired by David Lynch's occultist series, Twin Peaks.