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DEPRIVATION, ecclesiastical Punishment. A censure by which a clergyman is deprived of his parsonage, vicarage, or other ecclesiastical promotion or dignity. Vide Ayliffe's Parerg. 206; 1 Bl. Com. 393.

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This is essentially a form of occupational injustice and occupational deprivation.
Through creating an image of the future, the student assisted the resident in identifying meaningful occupations, as well as a plan to participate in occupations to reduce the occupational deprivation.
The opposite, occupational deprivation, matters because it results in active or passive nonengagement in the shorter term, with altered patterns of time use.
Such restriction results in occupational deprivation, occupational imbalance and occupational alienation (see Table 2).
Population health needs beyond ratifying the Kyoto protocol: A look at occupational deprivation.
2005) cannot be generalised due to the limited number of facilities they included, both raised the issue of the potential for occupational deprivation in long term care settings.

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