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HISTORY, evidence. The recital of facts written and given out for true.
     2. Facts stated in histories may be read in evidence, on the ground of their notoriety. Skin. R. 14; 1 Ventr. R. 149. But these facts must be of a public nature, and the general usages and customs of the country. Bull. P. 248; 7 Pet. R. 554; 1 Phil. & Am. Ev. 606; 30 Howell's St. Tr. 492. Histories are not admissible in relation to matters not of a public nature, such as the custom of a particular town, a descent, the boundaries of a county, and the like. 1 Salk. 281; S. C. Skin. 623; T. Jones, 164; 6 C. & P. 586, note. See 9 Ves. 347; 10 Ves. 354; 3 John. 385; 1 Binn. 399; and Notoriety.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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For this, it is very important to take detailed occupational history including past exposures (2, 10, 11).
Study participants with missing data (no occupational history provided) were treated as a separate category in the analysis.
Occupational history of both patients documented previous professional exposure to wood dust: exposure assessment was available (although fragmentary) and suggested that the 1st case was exposed to relatively low levels of WDs, compatible with average exposure in Italian wood industry [44], whereas the 2nd case had a cumulatively shorter but also more intense exposure.
A wide range of other covariates were then introduced to capture personal traits, supply-side factors, (labour market experience, past occupational history, qualification, dependent children, and job aspirations), occupational characteristics and demand-side factors (current occupational position, proportion of part-timers in occupation, and occupational sex composition).
Thus we couldn't access to some information such as occupational history, mental factors, educational level and exercise test reports.
A questionnaire, consisting of personal and demographic data, occupational history, cigarette smoking, and clinical signs and symptoms, was filled out by all participants.
A baseline questionnaire survey was used to collect information regarding workers' occupational history, habits, respiratory symptoms and demographics.
Eligible participants complete a quantitative interview, then undergo a qualitative interview that includes discussions about childhood, occupational history, migration, family, the experience of depression, health, views of aging, family and social responses to depression, suicide, formal care, and help-seeking attitudes.
Recording a verdict of death due to industrial disease Coroner Paul Marks said: "I am satisfied the occupational history is a major contributory factor in this case."
He argues that a more viable approach is to establish an occupational history of individual places within a geomorphic context (in this case using dates from hearths), and to investigate long-term place histories using artefact discard as a proxy for understanding time duration.
And Justin Shiner draws upon an analysis of the intensity of raw material utilisation to interpret occupational history from surface stone artefact assemblages recorded in central Victoria.
Along with previously published data, the information acquired from this study helped researchers piece together an occupational history of the Adelie penguins spanning the past 45,000 years--the longest known for any living species of penguins.

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