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The study, the most comprehensive of its kind in the United States, started three years ago to measure the effects of an occupational medicine approach on the costs of managed care workers' compensation.
While the initial purpose of occupational medicine is to get a patient back on the job, it also is geared toward keeping that worker from having to return to the occupational health center.
Barbara Semanski, the center's occupational medicine coordinator, has a background in health, safety and return-to-work programs.
1) Division of Occupational Medicine and (2) Laboratory of Pathology and Cytodiagnostics, Salvatore Maugeri Foundation, Work and Rehabilitation, IRCCS, Scientific Institute of Pavia, Pavia, Italy; (3) Division of Oncological Surgery and Medical Technology, S.
Bautista, who is certified in both occupational medicine and internal medicine.
Recent discussions in the Ohio Forum addressed informatics, quality, medical records, occupational medicine and physician relations.
The SiteMed Seminar will emphasize Occupational Medicine augmentation to primary care practices across the nation.
Contract notice: Delivery of health services in the field of occupational medicine for the officers and employees of the police podkarpackie region number of the case: zp / 14/2015.
13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Winchester, Virginia, based Valley Health is implementing Net Health's Agility Software for their occupational medicine (OM) EHR needs at urgent care locations in Virginia and West Virginia.
Joe LaDou, a clinical professor of occupational medicine at the University of California at San Francisco and a longtime critic of the semiconductor industry, directs the International Center for Occupational Medicine.
Those of us on the front lines just see this problem mounting,'' said Pascarelli, a professor of occupational medicine at Columbia University whose patients also include a number of musicians.

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