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These specialists are a part of an exceptional group of Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists who have a minimum of five years of clinical experience, including at least 4,000 hours of direct practice in hand therapy.
Now working full time in the HMC Hand Therapy unit, Festok is one of 13 occupational therapists caring for some 125-150 patients per day, most with work-related or road accident-related injuries.
Occupational therapists and speech/language pathologists also have expertise in cognitive problems.
An occupational therapist will regularly review the client's progress and decide if any changes need to be made to the treatment plan.
To nominate a therapist, call Juliette Barnes or Sophie Knight on 020 7861 2424, or contact Pat Broad at the College of Occupational Therapists on 020 7357 6480.
An occupational therapist might work seven hours one day and five hours on the same day the following week, because of a reduced facility census.
Or, as Sherry Judd, an occupational therapist in the rehab unit at St.
Jane Sorenson Lord: PhD, occupational therapist, doctor of naturopathy, tree farmer, and activist, shuttles back and forth from an office on 73rd Street--not far from Central Park--to a tree farm she shares with husband Gordon Lord in Westbrookville, New York 80 miles north of the city.
In keeping with the interdisciplinary approach, the senior authors solicited the expertise of an educational consultant, a speech-language pathologist, a physical therapist, and an occupational therapist to contribute chapters in their individual areas of expertise.
The provision of adaptations is a statutory responsibility placed upon councils, and anyone with a disability need assessed by an occupational therapist can apply.
I was so happy that dad could be with me,said Jan, who for 30 years was a senior occupational therapist at Liverpool''s Disabled Living Centre, helping thousands of people affected by disability and ill-health.

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