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This study was performed under the serology surveillance system of occupationally exposed populations in China.
The people at NIOSH would love to hear about problems in the field, questions about their work, and any other occupationally related questions.
Students who are occupationally engaged in career-related activities are expected to be better prepared for the school-to-work transition.
Our community is slowly getting more aware of the need to involve the disabled in all aspects of life, socially and occupationally," he said.
It enables people to gain invaluable work experience together with occupationally relevant qualifications and a working wage.
However, the Occupationally Therapy Service is a highly popular service improving the independence of some of our most disabled residents which struggles at times to meet that demand.
It is thought that about a third to one half of those occupationally exposed to asbestos will have calcified pleural plaques 30 years after first exposure.
Workers with burnout (especially severe burnout) were less likely than workers without burnout to participate in occupationally focused interventions, including work practice improvement, occupational training, stress reduction, or vocational rehabilitation programs.
Assessments of the portable units by testing of venous samples from occupationally exposed workers have demonstrated that measurements obtained with these units show an insignificant positive error that decreases as blood lead concentrations increase (4).
Topics of this volume in the series include environmentally and occupationally encountered fields, endogenous electric fields in animals, magnetic properties of biological material, interactions of direct current and extremely low-frequency electric fields with biological materials and systems, magnetic field effects on free radical reactions, biological effects of static magnetic fields, the ion cyclotron resonance hypothesis, computational methods for predicting field intensity and temperature change, exposure assessment, electromagnetic imaging of biological systems.
Health care workers have 40% of all cases of occupationally related, adult-onset asthma.
Workers reported suffering from occupationally induced symptoms over periods of three months or more.

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