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This study was performed under the serology surveillance system of occupationally exposed populations in China.
The people at NIOSH would love to hear about problems in the field, questions about their work, and any other occupationally related questions.
A possible case of occupationally acquired HIV infection is defined as an infection in an HCW whose job duties might have exposed the HCW to HIV but who lacks a documented workplace exposure.
A total of 95 peripheral blood samples were taken from the individuals occupationally exposed to the animals from different areas of Faisalabad district of Pakistan.
Students who are occupationally engaged in career-related activities are expected to be better prepared for the school-to-work transition.
Of 18 cohort studies of women who were occupationally exposed to asbestos, all but one study reported standardized mortality ratios (SMRs) comparing observed numbers of deaths with expected numbers for the general population.
Some chapters are devoted to body systems, in addition to toxicology and potentially lethal occupational exposures, infections, and occupationally based disaster medicine.
Noncognitive attributes are those academically and occupationally relevant skills and traits that are not "cognitive"--that is, not specifically intellectual or analytical in nature.
Summary: Exposure to pesticides both occupationally and environmentally causes a range of human health problems.
Efficacy of two multimodal treatments on physical strength of occupationally sub grouped male with low back pain.
Carol Mack, interim assistant manager and e2e Tutor, North East Chamber of Commerce, said: "Scott joined the NECC last October, and when he started the programme he was shy, quiet and occupationally undecided.

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