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A Type II design review is pending for the renovation of an existing four-floor rooftop to an occupiable amenity roof terrace at the M Financial Plaza building at the Brewery Blocks, 1122 N.
Storage areas, small group collaboration rooms, faculty offices, and an occupiable open learning hallway that overlooks the multipurpose space provide support and foster a collaborative learning environment.
The air shall be supplied from ductwork providing supply air to the occupiable space when the conditioning system is operating.
Restoration of degraded habitat (removal of the alien larval food plant) and extension of overall occupiable area by providing critical resources (planned plantings of the natural larval food plant) are the twin major activities of a program with massive public appeal.
The cockpit area retained much of its occupiable space and all major components remained attached to the airframe.
A section of the roof itself, overlooking a cupola of the former Supreme Court, is also covered and occupiable, but this produces a blurred and hybrid space, which functions neither as viewing terrace nor as exhibition space.
The CTBUH officially confirmed 432 Park Avenue's completion date to be December 23, 2015, as this was when the first owners closed on their residences and the building met CTBUH's final criteria for completion - that the building be at least partially occupiable.
The total occupiable space will be 2,880 Gross Square Feet.
8220;It's funny to think back to starting this project in my loft at home with Matt [Seaton] when we were still at school, and now I can stand in the first of two data halls, each holding 96 occupiable racks.
building any occupiable structure on his two beachfront lots.
a) all dwellings covered by the Standard act as a single well-mixed zone, thus, actual distribution of ventilation air to each occupiable space is not addressed;
The council recognises that its own criteria may contribute to this objective - the definition of "architectural top" refers not to the roof over finished space, nor the highest occupiable floor, but to the apparent top of the building as seen from outside.