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* HVAC recirculation of air from areas under construction into the occupied space should be avoided.
Full-year absorption totaled 188.6 msf in 2006, as compared with 2005 when occupied space increased by 222.8 msf, said Colliers.
When I began lifting images like Wonder Woman from television in the late 1970s, I was looking for a place where I could still change the way we "live." I had come out of architecture, and I thought TV much more defined the way we occupied space. I had seen artists take images from popular culture and transform them into other mediums, but I wanted to use the medium on itself.
In the last stage, the cleaned/purified air exits the system blower, being directed back to the occupied space or outdoors, depending on the duct design.
Considering the time needed to prepare for a spacewalk, the actual time outside the space station, and the uncertainty of how long specific repairs may take, the Fisher-Price panel concluded that maintaining the permanently occupied space base would require 3,276 astronaut hours a year, or an average of nearly nine astronaut hours a day.
The total occupied space will be approximately 2500 square feet
The firm was a long-standing tenant at 1740 Broadway, which is also owned by Vornado, having occupied space in the building since 1994.
Along with an approximately 2-by-3-foot light box on the roof which displayed the word NEU in white text on a red ground (a smaller version was affixed to an exterior wall of the gallery), Pflumm erected a supplementary wall in the newly occupied space. A monitor was positioned in the center of the wall like an icon, playing various video images of toothbrushes, detergents, and cleaning agents.
Display Presentations previously occupied space at 5 Plant Ave., but moved out in 2002.
CVS, which had occupied space in the shopping center for many years, recently relocated to a larger 24,000 s/f space in the center.