occupy the attention

See: interest
References in classic literature ?
The place was large enough to afford half an hour's strolling without the monotony of treading continually the same path; and, for those who love to peruse the annals of graveyards, here was variety of inscription enough to occupy the attention for double or treble that space of time.
As ISIS, Iran and Greece occupy the attention of the Western world, China marches forward, except now it is not just building its economy but also a new geopolitics in Asia.
in the eveand might occupy the attention of the participants.
Inevitably inadequate - one idea being toyed with is recognition of a Palestinian state in provisional borders that might encompass around 50% of the West Bank - it will nonetheless occupy the attention of the international community, and perhaps even derail the new Palestinian strategy.
According to Bend, Oregon-based MORTECH LLC's Interim MORTECH 2010 Report, released in October, regulatory concerns and federalization of product standards occupy the attention of mortgage lenders--particularly larger lenders.
Although other sub-disciplinary fields have appeared, such as the philosophies of biology and--more recently--chemistry, few would deny that it is the physical sciences which continue to occupy the attention of the majority of philosophers of science.
The question now is whether the vexed issues of Western diplomacy - terrorism in Yemen and Afghanistan, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Iran's nuclear programme - will occupy the attention of China.
7 /PRNewswire/ -- While some long-term trends look favorable for the life insurance industry, short-term challenges will occupy the attention of senior management for the next two to three years due to the impact of the financial crisis, according to a new report by Conning Research and Consulting, Inc.
Innovations like this will increasingly occupy the attention of the 85 member firms of Civil Engineering Contractors Association (North-East).
The topics that typically occupy the attention of innovation managers are technology/business strategic alignment, project portfolios and funding issues.
The team developed a program designed to occupy the attention of these particularly fragile residents at their most vulnerable time of the evening.
The Master's doesn't even play in the NCAA, whose championship tournament will occupy the attention of NBA scouts for the next two weeks and more.