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Past experience shows that the occupying Zionist regime is basically not ready to pay the price for peace since war mongering and occupation lie at its very core," he said.
Patton, Stacy, "Why African Americans aren't Occupying Wall Street.
Our ultimate goal in a few weeks is to be occupying together.
We plan on occupying until our elected officials recognize that the people are the supremest authority and that they are there for our needs not the financial institutions or corporations," said Lauren Welker, who is in charge of Occupy Austin's media relations.
Expressing its concern at the deterioration of economic and health conditions as well as the humanitarian crisis resulting from the continued occupation and the severe restrictions imposed by Israel, the occupying power;
Many Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem risk having their homes razed because Israel, which is illegally occupying the territory, says the homes were built or expanded without the necessary permits, which are nearly impossible to obtain from Israeli authorities.
All settlements in the Occupied West Bank and Occupied East Jerusalem illegal under international law, under which an occupying power cannot transfer part of its population to the land it occupies.
In this case, one passenger occupying a seat for one mile is an occupied seat mile.
Other tenants currently occupying the building include SUNY Stonybrook, Club Mom, and Health Management Systems.
However, an occupying nation often exports a colony's natural resources without providing adequate compensation, destroys native customs and cultures, and limits political freedoms.
It is our responsibility as the stronger party, as the occupying power, to convince the Palestinians that they can achieve their basic national aims, their just national.
It is sufficient that the occupying force can, within a reasonable time, send detachments of troops to make its authority felt within the occupied district.