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While the courts and statutory laws have realized that technical problems occasionally occur, the malfunction of equipment can be devastating.
Scientists hope to learn how and why quakes occur by monitoring them at the focus, or the point deep beneath Earth's surface where rocks first break apart.
Mirroring is used for many mission critical applications and it is the fastest way to recover data from a hardware device or subsystem failure since restore operations can occur in no more than a few seconds by switching to a mirrored copy.
Orange peel" or a rippled surface defect typically occurs at the end of the flow path in thick-walled parts molded of high-viscosity materials.
Transmission of adaptive or genetically changed microorganisms from wildlife to humans, either directly or indirectly through domestic animals, may occur in many ways.
It is here that an investigation by the director will occur with the sole purpose of collecting information that will lead to creating a harassment-free environment.
Exposure to mercury can occur through inhalation, dermal absorption, or ingestion (8); however, it is absorbed well only via inhalation (9).
Mechanical penetration also can occur where the metal impinges on the mold wall.
By far, the vast majority of HIV infections are thought to occur as a consequence of the risk behaviors of chronically infected individuals.
Although most serious hepatitic events occurred during the first 12 weeks of VIRAMUNE therapy, approximately one-third of cases have been reported to occur after this critical period.
On April 4, 2000, Tax Executives Institute submitted the following comments on the proposed regulations under section 7701 of the Internal Revenue Code, relating to certain transactions that occur within a specified period of time before or after a change in entity classification.
Studies suggest that while each of these heritable disorders may occur separately, their co-occurrence may also be genetic (Riccio & Jemison, 1998).