occur concurrently

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The group will also work to redesign a trail in the reclaimed portion of the existing gravel pit, so operations, trail construction and recreational activities can occur concurrently.
Caregivers experience numerous stressful events that occur concurrently and continue over time.
It has clinical and histopathologic features of PRP, yet it may precede or occur concurrently with a diagnosis of dermatomyositis.
Validations need to occur concurrently during design so that the design is completely consistent with all needs, as Kirkpatrick put it, "Development of a solid foundation of requirements is the single most important design control activity.
Since hyperglycemia may be caused by other conditions (such as hyperthyroidism) and since diabetes may occur concurrently with other diseases such as pancreatitis, initial evaluation is important to rule out other causes of hyperglycemia and identify other diseases.
Their investments are conditional on and will occur concurrently with completion by Three of the acquisition of O2 UK from Telefonica and its combination with Three's businesses, which is in turn subject to EU Competition approvals.
They will hold it unilaterally because the vote promised in the 2009 Abyei Referendum Act, scheduled to occur concurrently with the referendum on independence in 2011, was again postponed, sacrificed for the greater good: secession of the whole of South Sudan.
This contrasts with James Dunn's position that both Spirit and Water baptism are necessary for Christian conversion and thus a Christian must have experienced both, which he suggests is often occur concurrently with one another.
Hence, the likelihood of senior creditor support in cases where banking distress is likely to occur concurrently with sovereign distress may now be lower than previously assumed.
Using intracranial recordings of field potentials, the scientists demonstrated that the short periods of aperiodic, recurrent ripples are closely associated with reproducible cortical activations that occur concurrently with extensive activity suppression in other brain structures.
This means any technological improvements must occur concurrently with skill improvements.
Because the conditions often occur concurrently, a screening of children 5 years and younger can make a life-changing difference, Anne Berg, Ph.