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Pearson correlation coefficients were used to assess the correlations between occurrence frequency and number of ungulates.
Occurrence is a rating, on a scale of 1 to 10, which describes the likelihood that a specific failure cause will occur [1].
Occurrences 1 and 18 (San Simeon Creek watershed; Table 1) are the northernmost occurrences, and with a distance of 37 km from the nearest occurrence (9, tributary of San Bernardo Creek in Chorro Creek watershed) to the southwest.
All such exposure to substantially the same general conditions existing at or emanating from one premises location shall be deemed one occurrence.
The trial court ruled that the alleged negligent acts "combined to form a single occurrence, which resulted in the death of [Ja'Corey].
With Marsh IO+, we combine coverage provisions found in standard occurrence-reported forms with those found in standard occurrence forms to provide clients with a comprehensive solution that responds to today s more challenging operating environment.
Many states have passed legislation to expand the definition of occurrence to include defective work by the insured.
The first occurrence in the 22nd century would be on 21-10-2110, 100 years from today and will be the 34th.
Since both were lead paint claims, the insurer considered them to be one occurrence.
Unlike occurrence disputes over cases involving the application of policy exclusions, there is no clear right or wrong position on the number of occurrences that reliably will benefit a party.
Currently accepted approaches center on the ability to predict independent test occurrence data in the smallest area predicted (34,38).
For more on Staff Position FAS 123(R)-4, Classification of Options and Similar Instruments Issued as Employee Compensation That Allow for Cash Settlement upon the Occurrence of a Contingent Event, visit www.