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Since any occurrence rating under 10 requires a failure rate of less than 10% and the occurrences are separated by failure rates on the order of 2-10x, the P(A [intersection] B) part of the probability equation can be ignored for a simpler estimated sum of failure rates:
We surveyed and censused many occurrences of the Chorro Creek bog thistle in San Luis Obispo County from 2009 to 2016, and we found five previously unknown occurrences.
Whatever the specific cause or defect in the product might be (and whether there was a single defect or multiple defects) was irrelevant to the number of occurrences question.
Kentucky Farm Bureau and Davis and Woods resolved the claims against Trina's, its officers and employees subject to an agreement that the dispute concerning the number of occurrences remained unsettled.
Depending on the insured s excess casualty program structure and applicable law, such claims may be deemed separate occurrences, thus subjecting the insured to multiple retentions or worst case, no umbrella/excess coverage at all.
Of all the 65 occurrences, the fifth on 11-11-1111 is the fanciest - all the digits are 1.
The carrier said the damage was caused by two separate occurrences.
Each presents the question of whether claims arising from them should be treated as arising from separate occurrences or whether the claims share a common cause and, therefore, trigger only a single occurrence limit.
The idea is that known occurrences of species across landscapes can be related to raster geographic information system coverages summarizing environmental variation across those landscapes to develop a quantitative picture of the ecologic distribution of the species.
In our view, this is one of the most significant new occurrences of platinum group elements in North America and it is very exciting to use our active South African experience on a reef discovery in Thunder Bay.
The Florida Supreme Court, interpreting a policy which defined an occurrence as including "continuous or repeated exposure to substantially the same general harmful conditions," overwhelmingly rejected, the Travelers position on number of occurrences and embraced Mr.