occurring again

See: periodic
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CA also said that it has reviewed its security on its social media accounts and put processes in place to minimise the possibility of this occurring again.
A levy on all transactions would be a good thing and could be used to stop any further financial collapse from occurring again.
Promising to do his best to prevent such attacks from occurring again, the PM reiterated Lebanon's wish to keep French contingent as part of the UNIFIL.
NI Water identified areas within the works that will improve the alarm process and reduce future discharges, which will minimise the risk of this occurring again.
We've cooperated fully with authorities, and we've taken numerous steps to avoid something like this ever occurring again,'' he said.
She added that steps had been taken to prevent a similar situation occurring again.
They include tightening procedures to prevent the situation occurring again.
The first time, council officials said there was a "million-to-one chance" of it occurring again.
The report, written by Judge Linda Giesbrecht, after a lengthy inquest into the suicide death of Patrick Redhead while he was in provincial custody, contains more than 70 recommendations to the provincial government and its social service agencies in order to prevent such a suicide from occurring again.
Perhaps in the future, by supporting all women who have experienced violence, we can prevent such desperate attempts to stop the abuse from occurring again.
Inspector Trevor Taylor, of the Motorway and Central Traffic Area, stressed yesterday the need for operators to have adequate procedures in place for checking wheel nut torques and to ensure these procedures are being complied with in order to avoid such incidents occurring again.
Now, about 130 years after the takeover by the Meiji government, major change is occurring again.