occurring by chance

See: fortuitous
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1-sigma detection, meaning the odds of the signal occurring by chance are about one in 3.
If we were to ignore the "Miscellaneous features" entirely, in both Tables 1 and 2, the disparity between the "Shakespearean" and "non-Shakespearean" parts of Arden of Faversham in their closeness to "Shakespearean" and "non-Shakespearean" parts of the coauthored plays would be 16: 2 versus 6:12, which has a one in 633 probability of occurring by chance (p = .
The team sifted through millions of letters of genetic code using a computer program developed to calculate the probability of convergent changes occurring by chance, so they could reliably identify 'odd-man-out' genes.
In simplistic terms, statistical significance measures the likelihood that any apparent differences between study data are real and not occurring by chance.
A distinction is made between deliberate attempts to create such windows and those occurring by chance in published text.
The probability of that outcome occurring by chance is about one in 10 quadrillion.
There, the court found accident to be defined as "an event or condition occurring by chance or arising from unknown or remote causes" and "lack of intention or necessity.
Justice Rubin dissented on the grounds that the lack of a statistical probability analysis of a DNA match occurring by chance should have been fatal to the admissibility of the inconclusive DNA evidence.
Such speculations have little scientific predictive value in the absence of an explanation for what factors and conditions cause the occurrence of quantum events that have essentially zero probability of occurring by chance.
The dictionary defines Accident as being a mishap or event occurring by chance whereas Incident is defined as being an event or occurrence.
The rationale was that the size of an effect occurring by chance alone in a single test will be reduced when data are averaged over several independent tests whereas non random effects will persist or even increase when analyzing pooled data.