occurring simultaneously

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In order to assess the vulnerability of structural systems to multiple hazards occurring simultaneously, it is necessary to carry out a multi-hazard analysis of the system.
The book, "Mixing of Rubber," considers mixing as three basic processes occurring simultaneously.
The twin disasters, occurring simultaneously on opposite ends of the seismically-charged country, killed nearly 500 people in the last week, while severely testing the government's emergency response network.
Researchers from the US, Europe, and Japan, and OECD country delegates also discuss jointness in the context of multiple non-commodity outputs occurring simultaneously in relation to the same agricultural production system.
However, the two events occurring simultaneously caught the attention of many and for good reason: historically, high prices have been associated with low inventories and vice versa.
Genotyping suggested that multiple chains of transmission were occurring simultaneously.
With a pumping event occurring simultaneously at either end of the rotating cylinder, each piston completes four cycles--two at each end--per cylinder revolution for a total of 24 pumping cycles per revolution.
We conclude that in cases where there is a high degree of pollution from chemical sources occurring simultaneously in a bacterially contaminated environment, the choice is not simply between polluted breast milk and risk-free substitutes.
Interestingly the call to wifehood and motherhood was occurring simultaneously for me.
Those two rarities, occurring simultaneously, raise some interesting questions.
At Hewlett-Packard, we see three important technological trends, all occurring simultaneously, which makes the effect that much more powerful:
During face-to-face group meetings involving more than four or five people, there are usually other conversations occurring simultaneously in smaller groups of two or three.