occurring simultaneously

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The performance saw Vivaldi's spring, winter, summer and autumn contrasted with Piazzolla's autumn, summer, winter and spring, in an arrangement by Russian composer Leonid Desyatnikov, who associated Piazzolla's southern hemisphere seasons with those that would be occurring simultaneously in Vivaldi's Italy.
FOOD Taipei is a super trade show, comprising four trade events occurring simultaneously, including "Foodtech and Pharmatech Taipei", "Taipei Pack", "Taiwan HORECA" and "Halal Taiwan."
They found that young adults required the fall to happen about 44 milliseconds before the sound in order for both cues to be perceived as occurring simultaneously. But adults over 60 years old required fall onset to occur about 88 milliseconds before the sound.
construction managers and their team members, with significant construction management experience on multiple projects occurring simultaneously in different locations will be given additional consideration.
Having watched this immediately after the premiere for series four of Game Of Thrones, it's tempting to wonder whether Flannery was encouraged to hope that audiences would have learned the patience and mental agility to follow several complicated, blood-thirsty plots occurring simultaneously in different parts of the world.
The business programs and 36 insight sessions left attendees with an embarrassment of riches, the only drawback being that the number of presentations occurring simultaneously made it difficult to choose which one to take advantage of.
In order to assess the vulnerability of structural systems to multiple hazards occurring simultaneously, it is necessary to carry out a multi-hazard analysis of the system.
Two others have been summonsed to court for a number of offences occurring simultaneously, while the other riders stopped for minor offences have received warning letters through the post about their behaviour.
The book, "Mixing of Rubber," considers mixing as three basic processes occurring simultaneously. Simple mixing is said to ensure that the the mixture has a uniform composition throughout its bulk, at least when viewed on a scale that is large compared to the size of the individual particles.
Seminars, walks and dissemination of mass awareness material are the highlights of these scheduled events occurring simultaneously in the provincial head office and districts.
This is mainly due to three events occurring simultaneously; pension fund value diminishing spectacularly, client income dropping off causing cash-flow problems and the spiralling cost of PI insurance and hence run-off cover.
Researchers from the US, Europe, and Japan, and OECD country delegates also discuss jointness in the context of multiple non-commodity outputs occurring simultaneously in relation to the same agricultural production system.