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But when the tragic incident occurs between those who are near or dear to one another--if, for example, a brother kills, or intends to kill, a brother, a son his father, a mother her son, a son his mother, or any other deed of the kind is done these are the situations to be looked for by the poet.
Ay, and observe--it just occurs to me that the Puritans are furious against Buckingham, and their preachers designate him as the Antichrist.
I am too well aware that though a subordinate, like myself, is bound to acquaint the shipowner with everything that occurs, there are many things he ought most carefully to conceal from all else.
For statements and opinions are said to have this capacity, not because they themselves undergo modification, but because this modification occurs in the case of something else.
We may as well wait, perhaps, till the circumstance occurs before we discuss the discretion of his behaviour thereupon.
Well, very good; you will do as much when the opportunity occurs, will you, Raoul?
Just as the lean man and well-conditioned woman are passing, a slight obstruction occurs, and brings these two figures directly in contact.
The chief difficulty occurs in passing the deep ravines cut through the prairies by streams and winter torrents.
When there is no punishment at all, crime will either cease to exist, or, if it occurs, will be treated by physicians as a very distressing form of dementia, to be cured by care and kindness.
Much escapes me, of course--for even a pocket-handkerchief cannot hear or see every thing; but enough is learned to enable me to furnish a very clear outline of that which occurs near me; more especially if it happen to be within walls of brick.
You know, in finding the Least Common Multiple, we strike out a quantity wherever it occurs, except in the term where it is raised to its highest power.
Now, in English, the letter which most frequently occurs is e.