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Normal color variations of the canine ocular fundus, a retrospective study in Swedish dogs.
Similarly, Akyol and Dymitrowa performing separate studies concerning blood flow in the short posterior ciliary arteries noted that the increasing axial eye length and the development of degenerative lesions in the ocular fundus were associated with reduced maximum and minimum velocity of blood flow and a rise in the resistive index [8, 12].
In the present study, ED patients were evaluated for retinopathy by an ocular fundus examination to investigate the association between endothelial dysfunction and MS.
Ocular fundus examination demonstrated bilateral optic atrophy in both patients and pigmentary retinal degeneration in the left eye of the elder brother.
The difference between immature ocular fundus of young puppies and fully developed, functional fundus of adult dogs is striking.
In vivo fluorescence of the ocular fundus exhibits retinal pigment epithelium lipofuscin characteristics.
These could be pigmented ocular fundus lesions of familial adenomatous polyposis (POFLs) (1) and since they are associated with an inherited form of colon cancer referral would be warranted.
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