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Those who are frustrated that their early financial support of Oculus won't pay off with a share of Facebook profits are going to instead have to use the developers' kits they paid for to try to make awesome games.
Facebook says Oculus has received more than 75,000 pre-orders for second-generation development kits for the headset at $350 apiece.
Oculus and Ruthigen also entered into a shared services agreement that would take effect upon the completion of Ruthigen's proposed initial public offering, if any should occur, pursuant to which Oculus will provide Ruthigen with general services, including general accounting, human resources, laboratory personnel and shared R&D resources, while Ruthigen plans to establish an independent facility and systems.
Impress the experts: The contest will be judged by legendary comic artist Alex Ross, Oculus CTO and VR pioneer John Carmack, and OTOY CEO Jules Urbach, and who will evaluate entries based on a number of criteria including their originality, creativity, technical and visual details, and overall render quality among others.
The Aeron is able to extend the range of infra-red from 100m with the Oculus to 200m and increase thermal imaging man detection from 1.
Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe announced the enhancements to the Crescent
The result of a partnership with Oculus, a Facebook company and a leader in virtual reality technology, Samsung Gear VR creates an immersive mobile virtual reality experience that the industry has never seen before.
Carmack said that he spent an afternoon talking technology with Mark Zuckerberg, and the next week he found out that Zuckerberg had bought Oculus.
It also bought the popular internet messaging service, WhatsApp in 2014 and now it is the turn of Kickstarter funded upcoming virtual reality headset company, Oculus Rift, which was acquired for $2 billion.
is pleased to announce that 85 percent of the residences at The Oculus Condominium, located at 50 West 15th St.