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1) Speaking of legalistic, one of the odder things in the government's reply brief is the apparent effort to distinguish between "interpretive" and "interpretative" regulations.
Riverwoods, IL) has published Advertising Law: 1999 Year in Review, a softbound book that carries developments in such areas as consumer privacy, the Internet, sweepstakes, corrective advertising and telemarketing, as well as cases that involve the odder and more outrageous aspects of advertising," CCH said.
It is even odder that those who were accused of hatching the conspiracy along with Mr.
Odder still, especially for those who think of capitalism as the most "rational" of economic systems, drug testing doesn't work, even on the employers' rather Scrooge-like terms.
Odder still: at the same September 4 meeting where the CCCB denied the request from AFWUF, it also refused funding for a group called Kids First, which seeks to help mothers stay home to raise their children.
I consider it even odder given conservatives' environmental turn--their deep concern for America's moral climate being the best example.
Eric Johnson's departure couldn't have occurred at an odder time.
In one of the odder side effects of this country's move to democracy, a group of dedicated beer drinkers have formed their own party to run in Czechoslovakia's first free elections in 40 years.
Contract award notice: Odder gymnasium - supply of cleaning 2017.
But is it any odder than the idea of cable cars over Cardiff, a plan which is apparently being supported - with a straight face - by Nigel Roberts, head of Cardiff Business Council?
Even odder, at the club's golf day at Northcliffe, sponsor John Wildman holed his tee shot at the 12th - for a three
The Tory policy on this issue however, is even odder.