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Line Riders (DS) I HAVE played some bonkers games in my lifetime but they don't come much odder than a game where you draw lines across the screen for a little man on his sledge to follow.
Human beings are odd animals' and while women are not odder they are different and how that difference shades into distressing illnesses is explored in this moving account.
But you can't get odder than the result of the very first SPOTY in 1954 - four-minute miler Roger Bannister finished second to Chris Chataway, who was his pacemaker in the race.
We thought the case couldn't get odder, but it did.
Odder items they have been asked for include a smoke machine, a portable roadway, a road-sweeper and a tower crane.
NAEB OG KLOER (Beak and claws) is a rather intriguing mystery set in the small town of Odder and in the rural area around Horsens Fjord in Jutland.
Bizarre the story might be, but there's the even odder sight of manic funnyman Ferrell delivering a subtle and charming performance.
Odder still is its nostalgia for the wide-open spaces of America, especially when cars need more roads to be paved.
The odder thing is that the Russians may have taken more from the West than the West took from the Russians.
Now Korean maker Kia has come up with an even odder use of the English language ( and invented a completely new word ( with the name chosen for its new five-door family hatchback.
In practice, though, the odder the investment, the more trouble it can be to manage.
What is odder is that a cancer cell is the product of the cell's own aging.