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Chris Depenbrock of Oddity Audio said, "As specialists in world music compositions, our professional services reflect the passions and interests of a diverse cultural market.
The astronaut wrote on Twitter: "With deference to the genius of David Bowie, here''s Space Oddity, recorded on Station.
Studies by Pasnak, McCutcheon, Campbell, and Holt (1991) and Pasnak, Hansbarger, Dodson, Hart, and Blaha (1996) found that when kindergartners were provided extensive instruction on the oddity principle, number conservation, and insertions into series, they scored higher in these reasoning abilities as well as measures of mathematics concepts and verbal comprehension, as measured by the Stanford Early School Achievement Test.
14) Cinematically, this scene rehearses the very spectacle of the freak show: Sethe, Denver, and Paul D form a kind of half-circle around this human oddity and gaze at her with commingled looks of wonder and trepidation.
And Space Oddity was chosen ahead of the Beatles song Yesterday.
Wales hero Shane Williams was last night hailed as an oddity in world rugby.
STRANGE EVEN by Takeshi Kitano's standards, ``Dolls'' is an existential oddity inspired by the elaborate Bunraku puppet plays the Japanese auteur enjoyed as a child.
Gaudi was a layman, which also makes him stand out as an oddity among male saints, who are mostly clerics.
May becomes an unwelcome oddity at Columbia University, where she studies music.
The objects of oddity have become reversed, which now is really nothing strange.
His superficial resemblance to Bowie was a cute gimmick when he narrated Space Oddity but became the point in his version of Fashion, where he turned the stage into a runway and his ensemble into an odd conglomeration of characters, all strutting down the diagonal.
The quirky trees are located in Omaha's oldest community, historic Florence, where they've been a neighborhood oddity for generations.