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The singer, who died in 2016, had said that his classic 1969 single "Space Oddity" was inspired by filmmaker Stanley Kubrick's epic film "2001," which was released a year earlier.
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Bowie's ground-breaking Space Oddity LP along with Neil Armstrong first stepping foot on the moon, organisers of the festival have joined forces with Blackrock Castle Observatory, Dr Niamh Shaw and some of the country's top space experts to celebrate all things cosmos.
'Space Oddity is one of those haunting songs that seem timeless, so it was fitting that it came out top,' said Pete Mitchell, of the Pete and Geoff Breakfast Show.
Speaking on 2fm's Breakfast Republic, he revealed he exchanged emails with Bowie following his version of Space Oddity in 2013.
He said: "The fact it is such an oddity, and oddities are part of humanity, it should be preserved."
This pattern, an oddity among viral diseases, has slowed the development of a vaccine.
The summer is an oddity of clashing social classes, newly discovered kinships, a mother's unexpected and lengthy stories that reveal not only her own youth but aspects of Lissy's history, and the 15-year-old's physical and moral passage from childhood to maturity.
However, as an oddity it is vulnerable to adverse conditions, one of which is lack of water.
Charlotte Rohrbach's Preparations for a Fashion Shoot, 1950, seems to presage today's off-the-catwalk verite, with an angle of Zoe Leonard oddity. The models are observed from above, applying lipstick and combing their hair, with the clothing of the forthcoming shoot still a motley pile on a ledge and the Volkswagen prop a dressing room more than a vehicle, festooned with miscellaneous soda bottles and two shoes on the roof.
WORLD CUP ODDITY: Four years ago Poland were given a 10-11 quote at the start of the tournament to beat USA in their final group match.
However, the bird was food for the hungry sailors and an oddity to Europeans.
Only on further meditation does their real oddity and humor surface.