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Mum's a drug dealer, dad's a failed actor who plays away, and his oddly conventional brother made easy money in property and has links with Chinese people traffickers.
To help students understand the roots of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, which outlawed race as a bar to voting; and the ongoing debate over some of the effects of that law, including whether it is proper to create oddly shaped voting districts in which blacks or Hispanic voters make up the majority.
The most impressive essay in this part, however, is one that seems oddly separate from the rest of the volume: David L.
Long, 7ft 2in upwards and 20st scales-wise, lunged, missed, fell over his own feet, copped a niftyish left from Oddly on the way down and showed little inclination to get up.
These two articles on Turkey by political scientists seem oddly misplaced in sections on tradition and identity respectively.
The Wemple piece is one of three that give a chronological overview of the history of medieval women, in an oddly positioned and oddly named Part Two, "Family and Social Strategies.
Its co-champ grows, perhaps, oddly, in Van Buren County, Michigan.
But oddly, at the precise moment it caught alight, all of them were pointing at the ground crew instead - expecting any disaster to strike there.
Presenting a stylized, colorful world almost like our own but not quite, Blob's Odd Jobs follows Blob Robertson, an ordinary green blob who feels underappreciated in his job as a fire hydrant cleaner--every time he cleans a fire hydrant, one of the blogs (creatures that look oddly like dogs) would just dirty it again.
He manages to elude the law despite a number of fairly public murders, yet, oddly enough, probably performs more noble deeds than anyone else in the sprawling cast over the series' 11 hours.
This Little System: of branch twigs a few dead leaves/still cling to, along with three or four/shreds of sun-stiffened paper, a bit of string/occasionally a weather-faded ribbon, feels//prickly, oddly solid, yet ready to float/from your hand.
Some of the dance references were oddly blunt, like Loie Fuller's extended flowing wings and Isadora Duncan's toga gown and unpinned hair.