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What oddment space there is isn't easily accessible from the driver's seat on the move either.
Cockerill is appealing for small (around four-and-ahalf-inch) snaffle bits, plus bridles, head collars, old numnahs, wormers, wound powder and lots of other stable oddments that would be of great benefit to the equine breed in Gambia.
Inside the cabin, the oddments room was modest but the glove compartment and lidded central bin were more generous.
Access to the rear is also contortion-free but there's not much in the way of stowage or oddments space.
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Oddments room is reasonable, not exceptional, and compartments are possibly on the small side for the uses some people expect.
Oddments room is modest with limited space for small items and the boot expands from 485 to
For a vehicle with such potential I was surprised how little oddments room there is in the cabin but I had to marvel at the demountable shopping trolley built into the space most use to accommodate a skinny armrest between the front seats.
Oddments room is reasonable throughout the cabin, the access very good to the sides and back with a decent sized loadbed.
Heating and ventilation is elementary and works well but the oddments room is not particularly generous.
There is a new fascia, fittings and switchgear are of improved quality, there is additional storage for oddments, a better climate control system, and even seats that are now cooled as well as heated.