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A psychedelic rollercoaster ride to the outer realms of oddness, it's less a case of wondering what the makers were thinking as to questioning what they were on.
Paradoxically, it may be theology's very oddness and the offensive scandal that it represents to the present-day, politically correct consensus that make it especially important to the world of scholarship at the university.
Ike Barinholtz, another improv vet, has a big part on her show, and fittingly heightens Kaling's oddness to great comic effect.
As Opening Day commences, the biggest change you see (other than the oddness of seeing the Houston Astros as an American League team), is the fact that a new video display consumes the entire right center-field.
She takes full advantage of that style to communicate the eerie quality of IT's world, the terror that presses down on the children from the moment they first set foot in IT's territory, Meg's self-consuming doubt, the oddness of travel between worlds, and even Charles' odd status as child-who-isn't-a-child.
His oddness makes him more honest, which pays off throughout, but particularly on the pulsating GMF or the twisted Ernest Borgnine.
But it's not the oddness of the spatial arrangement that hints at a psychological state.
Capable younger readers and above may enjoy its intentional oddness.
The 'Harry Potter' protagonist asserted that Coker, a production assistant he met on the set of the boy wizard films, loves him for his 'oddness'.
At the same time, however, Dunphy insists his show must and will ride the edge of oddness. “I'm still going to play soundtrack music next to a metal tune, against an electronic track butted up against Captain Beefheart.
When you talk to his co-workers, they're so adamant in their avowals of affection for him and their insistence that you not misconstrue his oddness that you get the impression it's not just because they want to keep their jobs.
The Ramshackle Banger Rally - billed as "the birthplace of lunacy and the epitome of oddness" - will see about 100 rickety cars take to European roads.