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It is an odious act which we condemn" Foreign Ministry spokesman Romain Nadal said of the sexual assaults.
The United States set the first precedent of odious debt when it seized control of Cuba from Spain.
In cooperation with the Libyan authorities, the state services will do everything to shed full light on the circumstances of this odious act and to quickly identify its planners," Fabius said in a statement.
Seldom could you find a more odious man; a man without scruple or empathy or any apparent evidence of having a decent bone contained in his scrawny body.
You probably remember when many people in the Labour Party thought all nuclear weapons were odious.
Sovereign finance and the poverty of nations; odious debt in international law.
The parties that signed the call urge the Constituent Assembly, the President of the Republic and the government to decide "the immediate suspension of the repayment of the public foreign debt incurred by the dictatorial regime (with freezing of interests) and the cancellation of the odious debts that will be determined by auditing.
Which makes the extremely odious sight of the Conservative Party and their Liberal sidekicks applauding Grasping George The Granny Taxer as he announced his plans to bleed pensioners in order to make the rich even richer the most damning indictment yet of this government.
Many of the characters in The Odious Child yearn to make a connection: women with men, mothers with children and, in one case, a head with a body.
For over one hundred years, political leaders, financiers, lawyers, and scholars in the fields of international law and international finance have struggled to develop an effective means for sovereign debtors to repudiate their odious debts.
ONE has to feel for the residents, especially those in Lazenby, enduring the odious smell via the Ensus plant on the Wilton site (Work On Stack Is Imminent, News, 04.
Nick Griffin desperately tried to attach a veneer of respectability to his odious ragbag of Nazis and fascists on Question Time.