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While conventional wisdom, at least in some circles, holds that people judge schools on the basis of something other than academic quality--most odiously, the racial mix of their student body--here we have reassuring evidence that people evaluate schools on the basis of academics.
In a work that would likely be seen by many as odiously racist, the author links his "biosocial" view of the determinants of behavior to explanations of correlations between race and crime in the United States.
I odiously deceived Lev Nikolaevich into thinking I had taken it, but immediately confessed the deception and sobbed bitterly, and then made an effort and controlled myself.
His head felt horribly heavy and his body odiously sticky, his whole body--nose, mouth, eyes--the eyes particularly--and also inside his body, his lungs, belly, and everything the odor found no difficulty in reaching as well as everything it could reach only by devious means--his heart, muscles, veins, the very blood in is veins--all this was heavy and sticky, glutinous and turgid, and as if made of lead (Radiance, 191).
what was suggested to me by the sight of this man who was so enamoured of, who so prided himself upon, his virility, to whom all other men seemed odiously effeminate, what he suddenly suggested to me, to such an extent had he momentarily assumed the features, the expression, the smile thereof, was a woman.
So though Wajda does portray a number of Poles who are compassionate towards and even committed to Jews, he is aware that there were Poles who behaved odiously, even murderously, toward the Jews.
He could have saved such a gory incident from happening simply by engaging himself with the three communities, odiously disposed towards each other.
The media reaction to the news was all too odiously predictable - the self-proclaimed quality press plumping for amateur psychoanalysis and mawkish pleas to pray for a flawed genius (Here was a troubled man even at his peak - Daily Telegraph)while the red-tops signed up hotel staff to disclose the bizarre behaviour that led to his detainment and quoted anonymous 'sources' to add credence to claims that he has been placed on suicide watch (Addled star's binges on cocaine & whisky - The Sun).
3 NO matter how many times those odiously pushy parents insisted their performing seal kids wouldn't be on the dance floor "unless they really wanted to", did it ever ring true?
Any of you who bothered to persevere with the Baftas on telly on Sunday, hours of torturous backslapping and bonhomie presented by the odiously unfunny Graham Norton, would have seen ITV walk off with the Best Sport gong for their coverage of last year's Hungarian Grand Prix - a race won by our very own Jenson Button.
Some of the recent commentators are prepared to assume that all odious regimes behave odiously all the time and therefore all of their debts must be odious.
In a formal sense, the text is a presentation in utramque partem of the debate between the Erasmians and the Ciceronians, with both sides of the case canvassed; but the assault on Cicero was so ferocious and ad hominem that even Erasmus himself, in a letter dated 1535, felt called upon to scold his overeager disciple for "most odiously abusing" Cicero and only tepidly defending him.