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to strike down odiously racist anti-miscegenation laws.
And here we produce the shocking results, a story so mind-blowing and odiously outrageous that those of a nervous disposition are asked to either look away now or play in goal for Sunderland.
If it's odiously patronising for the West to tell the amusingly-called underdeveloped world how to behave, since cultures are supposedly incommensurate, then this applies the other way round as well.
He had become, in the eyes of some of his peers, odiously bombastic.
The artist formerly known as Rotten is trying to woo the masses with his odiously false charm offensive.
The elegant wood-paneled billiard room was ruined by the addition of a Space Invaders machine, which squats odiously between leather club chairs.
They did so by accepting the abstract God, who inspired their prophets, and rejected the idolatry odiously identified with empires.
Thompson, in his landmark text The Making of the English Working Class ([New York: Pantheon Books, 1963; reprint, New York: Vintage Books, 1966], 411), argued that "the reactionary--indeed, odiously subservient--character of official Wesleyanism can be established without the least difficulty.
More odiously, many faithful, conscientious Catholics around the world have been further alienated from the papacy today.
THE winner of last week's PS200 crossword is Alistair McLeod of High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Close-up 9 Deign 10 Lento 11 Asocial 12 Two 13 Drop shot 16 Broadway 17 Pin 19 Bugbear 21 Beset 22 On ice 23 Scuttle DOWN: 1 Acolyte 2 Downpour 3 Demo 4 Odiously 5 Mini 6 Ankle 8 Play on words 13 Diameter 14 Opposite 15 Knitter 18 Abhor 20 Grim 21 Blue.
Now those two letters appear to stand for something else, a populace odiously treated to another display of permanent obnoxiousness by the lucky few that revel in the proceeds offered by a fat-cat culture at the expense of community needs.
Still big on glamour but presumably funny with it, and gloriously free of general fluff, gaminish models, fey celebrities and odiously opinionated columnists.