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Yesterday at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court Judge Nolan said this was a unique case in legal history because the accused has been the subject of "huge criticism, ridicule and odium since 2008".
Muhammad as a bomb-wielding terrorist transfers the odium attached to the vile actions of a few to all Muslims.
The conventional approach is to blame the politicians and tacticians for this dreaded odium politicum.
Liberal leader, David Steel then pulled the plug, to avoid fighting an election branded as Labour's crutch - and reaping the odium now being heaped on hapless Nick Clegg.
Major Victor Odium of the 7th Canadian Battalion said this of the Germans' use of poison gas: "We couldn't visualize an attack with gas, we could not guess where the gas would come from or how we could recognize it when it did come, and we did not know what were the necessary precautions.
Limited Tenders are invited for Odium Silicate Liquid Glass
Indeed, Oscar Romero was killed in odium fidei, in hatred of the faith.
Paglia strongly defended Francis' decree that Romero was a martyr--an official statement that the archbishop was killed in odium fidei, Latin for "in hatred of the faith"--saying the way the archbishop was killed while saying Mass shows such hatred.
The circumstances highlight yet another reason why the major banks are currently held in such odium, and may provide a timely warning for others in Cyprus.
The game was to connect the Democratic Societies with the odium of insurrection," he told James Monroe, and "to connect the Republicans in Congress with those Societies," thus putting Washington's prestige "in opposition to both.
The BJP began its career as a party with a programmatic hatred of minorities -- mainly the 120 million Indian Muslims -- but has since smartly camouflaged that odium behind the rhetoric of good governance .
Meanwhile, their stupidity gave the Soviet Union the room it needed to occupy Hungary, while not attracting as much odium to itself as it would otherwise have done, in the international arena.