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Handbook of Odors in Plastic Materials, 2nd Edition
Their odor activity values were calculated by the researchers.
Businesses are therefore actively seeking effective odor management technologies that can control odors in medium-large spaces such as lobbies or meeting rooms.
steps for reporting environmental odor problems to state and local health departments,
A study published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research took 17 people with moderate asthma and had them smell a pure odor with no physiological irritating properties for 15 minutes.
New research from the Monell Center reveals that simply believing that an odor is potentially harmful can increase airway inflammation in asthmatics for at least 24 hours following exposure.
Vosshall and colleagues tested the ability of 26 men and women to distinguish scents concocted from 128 odor molecules, such as banana-scented isoamyl acetate.
Its highly porous structure makes it an odor-collecting machine, trapping odors and removing them from the environment.
Bolger & O'Hearn has introduced its new advanced odor protection, OdorArmor.
Body odor is something humans don't generally talk about but we often go to great lengths to try to change our body odors.
com, a family owned environmental company that is responsible for developing, manufacturing, and retailing , the all natural septic tank treatment product Activator 1000, is adding a new all natural, septic tank odor control formula to their product line.
26, 2012 issue of Nature Neuroscience, 55 volunteers were enclosed in a comfortable, odor-proof room and repeatedly exposed to a soft bell tone linked with a particular odor--such as the pleasant scent of shampoo, or the unpleasant odor of rotting fish.