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Criteria for quality decision making include a wide range of choices, a full range of objectives to be fulfilled, searching for new information relevant to evaluation of all possibilities, taking into account opposite points of view, examining both positive and negative consequences of alternatives and making detailed provisions for implementing the final decision (Janis & Mann, 1977).
On the other hand, having an ever-expanding number of choices doesn't necessarily make us happier, just as bigger and bigger food portions don't make us healthier.
Perhaps we need to find out what kinds of choices, in what areas of life, actually promote freedom, and what kinds of choices restrict it.
At no time in recent memory has the philosophy of choice and liberty divided women and their allies so much as in that brand currently espoused by women like Madonna, Camille Paglia, and even feminist author Naomi Wolf.
Schwartz, writes Washington Post columnist Sebastian Mallaby in an article on private Social Security accounts, "shows how a certain measure of choice can be liberating but how too much is a treadmill--sometimes even triggering depression.
The reviewers disagree about the content of the empirical findings, their implications for different kinds of choice initiatives, and the quality of alternative research designs.
And most of them must have recognized that those choices--determining their economic future, and the nation's--were more significant, if not more immediately satisfying, than the consumer version of choice laid out in The Next Deal.
It has scored victories--the state of Wisconsin agreed to let parents in some poor parts of Milwaukee choose private schools, and variations of choice among public schools are gaining approval around the country--but never a straight-out endorsement at the polls.