of consequence

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The department must expand its view of consequence management in several ways.
The focus was on using open-ended elicitation methods for mapping the domain of consequences of STD prevention measures that are salient to this age group, and on generating empirically based hypotheses for further study.
Schneider has cleverly put to work the science of consequences in this book.
This is because there are other characteristics of consequences in addition to just the positive and negative aspects.
The Center for Civic Education's secondary-level We the People ignores the acceptance of consequences in its answer to the question, "Must you obey bad rules?
Thus, the concepts of consequences and rewards/punishments--introduced and defined in the curriculum--had a central place in post-program responses.
There are three important distinctions to make when speaking of consequences.
Officials should view this right as more than a minor consideration in the balancing of consequences.
Parents sometimes ``go on the warpath'' and set a bunch of consequences.