of decisive importance

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Cyprus government spokesman Prodromos Prodromou revealed that, in his letter, Netanyahu said the timely help was of decisive importance in placing the fires under control and avoiding a greater disasters.
"A powerful network architecture that can respond in real time is of decisive importance for us.
It is of decisive importance to the Contracting Authority that, in their bids, the Tenderers focus on of-fering the highest quality in regards to the Wishes (W) in Appendix 1 Specification of Requirements as cheaply as possible, especially considering that the use of the option depends on the price offered by the Tenderers.
The moral and intellectual condition of a nation may certainly prove of decisive importance on its own account, but all due attention must also be paid to material considerations.
"Regarding the way forward, and having in mind what was agreedon Sunday, it is clear that what is of decisive importance is Turkey`s positions on security."
The textbook authors conclude, "that an adequate understanding of the cultural context, as it impacts the behavior of [an] organization's employees, is of decisive importance" (p.
"We are saying, not without careful thought, that this Eurogroup is of decisive importance, taking into account that time is very short and that a result must be worked on," she said early on Friday.
"How a teacher communicates is of decisive importance....
In addition to appropriate assessment techniques, "the accurate instruction of learners with disabilities in community settings is of decisive importance" (p.
He said that the war Syria is fighting has various dimensions in which media is of decisive importance, as ''The Syrian media is engaged in a fierce battle against a media of disinformation that is twisting facts, but the Syrian media managed to get across to the hearts and minds of the Syrian people through conveying to them the reality about the situation on the ground.'' ''Syrian media has been a target for terrorism and vandalism and it offered martyrs, and the attacks against the General Organization of Radio & TV and al-Ikhbariya TV, not to mention the hacking of websites, are indicators of the success of the Syrian media, given its embracing objectivity and transparency in conveying the truth,'' the prime minister added.
"This know-how is of decisive importance for the technological leadership and competitiveness of our company."
The series is ideal for all applications where exact measurement of humidity and temperature is of decisive importance, such as the food and pharmaceutical industries.