of decisive importance

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The participants of the meeting noted that the results of the presidential elections of 2018 will be of decisive importance for Russia's political, economic, social and cultural development.
Regarding the way forward, and having in mind what was agreedon Sunday, it is clear that what is of decisive importance is Turkey`s positions on security.
We are saying, not without careful thought, that this Eurogroup is of decisive importance, taking into account that time is very short and that a result must be worked on," she said early on Friday.
How a teacher communicates is of decisive importance.
Monday's talks will be of decisive importance to answer the question of whether there is a stable foundation for full coalition negotiations," said SPD deputy leader Andrea Nahles.
He said that the war Syria is fighting has various dimensions in which media is of decisive importance, as ''The Syrian media is engaged in a fierce battle against a media of disinformation that is twisting facts, but the Syrian media managed to get across to the hearts and minds of the Syrian people through conveying to them the reality about the situation on the ground.
This know-how is of decisive importance for the technological leadership and competitiveness of our company.
The series is ideal for all applications where exact measurement of humidity and temperature is of decisive importance, such as the food and pharmaceutical industries.
I believe an expression of your concern to Mrs Thatcher of the deterioration in the state of opinion among Americans of Irish extraction and among many other Americans and of the urgent necessity to avert the consequences which would result from Mr Doherty's death could be of decisive importance.
But what was most surprising and of decisive importance for the course of operation was the probability, established for the first time, that the enemy possessed excellently functioning radar equipment," says the report.
For many, the Postville story has come to exemplify the human toll exacted by a failed immigration policy and the challenge to churches to respond with courage and compassion on an issue of decisive importance to our national identity--and even possibly the fate of the church in the United States.
are of decisive importance for achieving peace in the Middle East, and that