of equal dignity

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This statement confirmed UNESCO's readiness to strengthen synergies throughout the United Nations system and redouble its efforts in creating a more just world of equal dignity for all.
The principle of equal dignity and respect is now accepted as a minimum standard throughout mainstream Western culture.
The high ideals of equal dignity and worth, of fair justice for all, and enrichment of every life, were forged in the crucibles of intense friction as earlier civilizations rose and fell.
Moreover, honor is not necessarily hierarchical; it can serve egalitarian codes and is in principle compatible with the modern ideal of equal dignity (p.
God created men and women of equal dignity and, as we all know, the call to be a priest comes from God," he wrote.
1994) ("The politics of equal dignity is based on the idea that all humans are equally worthy of respect.
By contrast, "[w]ith the politics of equal dignity, what is established is meant to be universally the same, an identical basket of rights and immunities.
The legislature built into HB 7179 several financial safeguards which include, but are not limited to 1) providing that the PACE lien will be of equal dignity to taxes, 2) requiring that all property taxes and any other assessments levied on the property tax bill are paid and have not been delinquent for the past three years, and 3) ensuring that the property owner is current on all mortgage debt on the property.
The central core and foundation of these principles is the authentic concept of conjugal love between two persons of equal dignity, but different and complementary in their sexuality.
On the contrary, she argues, the advent of democracy has brought with it a new form of honor which incorporates the modern ideal of equal dignity.
Demands for public recognition of cultural difference seem to conflict with what Taylor calls liberalism's politics of equal dignity, which is based on the idea that all humans are equally worthy of respect in virtue of their universal potential and is often thought to require blindness to difference.