of equal dignity

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Americans United filed a friend-of-the-court brief supporting the residents' request to the 5th Circuit, explaining that people were harmed by HB 1523 because its mere existence relegates them to second-class citizens in their state, "unworthy of equal dignity, equal citizenship, and equal protection of the laws.
He emphasised that the key to successful parliamentary cooperation lied in the acknowledgement of equal dignity, recognition of: and respect for: diverse forms of customs and traditions, and efforts to establish a culture-neutral context for dialogue that enabled communities to express themselves.
And yet, the pursuit of equal dignity in this country cannot be a lost cause.
Nussbaum, Sex & Social Justice 57 (1999) (describing the liberal view of dignity as a "twofold intuition about human beings: namely, that all, just by being human, are of equal dignity and worth, no matter where they are situated in society, and that the primary source of this worth is a power of moral choice within them, a power that consists in the ability to plan a life in accordance with one's own evaluations of ends").
This statement confirmed UNESCO's readiness to strengthen synergies throughout the United Nations system and redouble its efforts in creating a more just world of equal dignity for all.
The high ideals of equal dignity and worth, of fair justice for all, and enrichment of every life, were forged in the crucibles of intense friction as earlier civilizations rose and fell.
The principle of equal dignity and respect is now accepted as a minimum standard throughout mainstream Western culture.
Moreover, honor is not necessarily hierarchical; it can serve egalitarian codes and is in principle compatible with the modern ideal of equal dignity (p.
God created men and women of equal dignity and, as we all know, the call to be a priest comes from God," he wrote.
1994) ("The politics of equal dignity is based on the idea that all humans are equally worthy of respect.
The legislature built into HB 7179 several financial safeguards which include, but are not limited to 1) providing that the PACE lien will be of equal dignity to taxes, 2) requiring that all property taxes and any other assessments levied on the property tax bill are paid and have not been delinquent for the past three years, and 3) ensuring that the property owner is current on all mortgage debt on the property.