of equal duration

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It is even supposed that the tinge of the latter is that of reddish sand-stone, like much of that known in our own world, but more decided in tint, while two brilliant white spots, at its poles, are thought to be light reflected from the snows of those regions, rendered more conspicuous, or disappearing, as they first emerge from a twelvemonths' winter, or melt in a summer of equal duration.
The duration of the contract is one year from the notification to the holder, Renewable for periods of equal duration by tacit renewal without the total duration may exceed 4 years.
The official intermission was placed after the performance of "In the Shadow of Man" but, in fact, each 10-15 minutes solo was followed by a break of equal duration.
Elkins and his colleagues randomized 184 postmenopausal women with moderate to severe hot flashes to either five weekly hypnosis sessions or a structured attention control condition of equal duration.
preliminary transformation of a signal at a transmitting end by 'splitting' this signal into parts (strips) of equal duration (length), forming their linear combinations and then 'sticking' them together into a single signal of the same (or greater) duration".
Under that system, a call from New Jersey to Pennsylvania was cheaper than a call from New Jersey to California, assuming the calls were of equal duration.
Each repetition consists of a 1-to 10-second contraction and a relaxation of equal duration.
He agrees with Pope that the feet in a half-line are of equal duration, but departs from this model by arguing that half-lines are not all of equal duration, some having two feet and others three, and also in his view that foot boundaries need not coincide with word boundaries.
X]: matrix obtained by the depths of equal duration uniform intensity blocks of effective rainfall
First, consider the criterion that high-cost loans bear interest rates at more than 10 points above the current rate on Treasury securities of equal duration.
The feature allows employees to trade shifts of equal duration in the same pay period, with all shift exchanges automatically integrated in real time within the schedule.