of equal power

See: coequal
References in classic literature ?
A score of dirty hands were raised directly to knock for him, and seldom has a knocker of equal powers been made to produce more deafening sounds than this particular engine on the occasion in question.
it is specified that the points of equal power delivery to or greater than 36kVA are subject to a separate consultation as part of a command group between Grenoble-Alpes M?
Nasrallah also strongly denied allegations that his party and the Amal Movement were seeking to replace the current system of equal power sharing between Muslims and Christians with a tripartite formula dividing power between Christians, Sunnis and Shiites.
As a result, an air rifle with a gas spring feels much harder to cock than one with a steel mainspring of equal power.
Consensus has not been developed on the formula of equal power distribution so far due to which load shedding is on rise.
If it is between two consenting mature adults who are of equal power in a relationship, then that's a different story.
When two teams of equal power clashes, one-day cricket is at its best.
There was a time when men and women across Wales could hear sermons and speeches of equal power in chapels and at union meetings, but the shouts of hope and conviction which once echoed through Valleys have been muted in the multimedia age.
However, as Appian noted somberly, "the people hoped that [Caesar] would also give them back democracy, just as Sulla had done, who had achieved a position of equal power.
Even for us, society may constrain our ability to imagine a relationship of equal power as sexy.
Conway, Infinite's president, said: "Our rotary engines are a four-cycle design, yet they are equivalent in size and weight to two-cycle engines of equal power.
BEIRUT: The Future Movement and allied March 14 politicians said Sunday Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah's call for the creation of a constituent assembly aimed at building a strong state in Lebanon would spell the death knell to the Taif Accord and the Lebanese formula of equal power sharing between Muslims and Christians.