of equal rank

References in classic literature ?
The sun shone, the birds sang, and the children sang too, and each held the other by the hand; for as yet they had none of them any high office, and were all of equal rank in the eye of God.
They did not care to take the trouble of disabusing him of his error, as they considered that since it did not in any way hurt his conscience it would be better to leave him in it, and they would have all the more amusement in listening to his simplicities; and so they bade him pray to God for his lord's health, as it was a very likely and a very feasible thing for him in course of time to come to be an emperor, as he said, or at least an archbishop or some other dignitary of equal rank.
Small investors can be fully protected under a temporary bail-in while providing equal treatment for all investors of equal rank.
Your ship is anchored in God's harbour and though his sailors of equal rank, there'll be ship mates on the deck to greet you with a beer we all drank.
Then there were three winners of equal rank, Miss Luzon, Miss Visayas and Miss Mindanao, until there was only one, the Carnival Queen.
Economy, ecology and social responsibility are corporate policy objectives of equal rank.
The lack of response was odd, given that in the world of diplomacy it is automatic that when one country expels a diplomat, the other country expels a diplomat of equal rank.
The commercial and retail banking heads will join the company's executive committee, and be of equal rank with the heads of Capital One's two other lines of business; credit cards, and auto and mortgage lending.
Boyd is unsettled when Sarah Cavendish (played by Eva Birthistle), an officer of equal rank to him, joins the team.
But I think one has to bear in mind he was speaking about other officer cadets - people of equal rank or status.
Several were NCO's of equal rank, but their natural leader was obvious: a black sergeant of medium height; one of those guys whose torso forms a V-shaped wedge of muscular shoulders tapering down to a narrow waist.