of foreign origin

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2 Million MT non-coking (steam) coal of foreign origin on CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) / High seas sales basis with reverse bidding for Nasik, Chandrapur and Koradi Thermal Power Stations/Projects of Mahagenco
The student and teacher killed in Trollhattan on Thursday were both of foreign origin, as were the two injured who survived the attack.
It is the first time since 2007 that France has withdrawn nationality from one of its citizens of foreign origin and the decision in this case was approved last April after an appeal to France's highest Constitutional Court.
Giving details he said that smuggled goods include 366,000 liters Iranian diesel, 10 tons of Hashish, 250,000 meter foreign cloth, seven thousand bottles of foreign whisky, huge quantity of foreign origin smuggled cigarettes, tiles and electronic goods etc.
The identity of those killed is yet to be ascertained even as they are suspected to be militants of foreign origin.
Germany's lower house of parliament also passed new citizenship laws last week relaxing some of the strictest rules in Europe to allow young Germans of foreign origin to hold two passports -- a move that benefits the large Turkish community.
Karachi: At least three alleged terrorists were killed and five suspects of foreign origin arrested in a raid at an Afghan refugee camp on Sunday, police said.
He told journalists that the insurgents were well-equipped carrying different brands of weapons, with rebels of foreign origin were also seen among their ranks.
Ministry will take steps to increase the number of mandatory standards of PSQCA manifold from its current figure of 92 and will enforce these standards on imported goods also to prevent flooding of sub-standard goods of foreign origin in local markets.
He had a weapon of foreign origin with him and stolen money in the amount of more than $1.
None among the 21 armed guards of foreign origin had Indian visa stamped on their passports and they did not have permission to carry arms either from their flag state or any Indian authority.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says 26 soldiers were killed in the battle as well as a number of rebels, which included seven fighters of foreign origin.