of foreign origin

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Historically much the most important feature of Wyatt's experiment was the introduction of the sonnet, a very substantial service indeed; for not only did this form, like the love-theme, become by far the most popular one among English lyric poets of the next two generations, setting a fashion which was carried to an astonishing excess; but it is the only artificial form of foreign origin which has ever been really adopted and naturalized in English, and it still remains the best instrument for the terse expression of a single poetic thought.
The gold is believed to be of foreign origin and estimated to be valued around 1.
Residents and non-residents of the Republic of Belarus offering goods of foreign origin and origin of the Republic of Belarus are allowed.
2 confiscated 4752 packets of foreign origin juices, 150 compressors, 57 cartons of foreign soaps, 12 carton cigarettes, 103 LED TVs and three carton foreign quality toothpaste and other goods.
The student and teacher killed in Trollhattan on Thursday were both of foreign origin, as were the two injured who survived the attack.
It is the first time since 2007 that France has withdrawn nationality from one of its citizens of foreign origin and the decision in this case was approved last April after an appeal to France's highest Constitutional Court.
Let's keep it simple-it's just wrong to allow waste or garbage of foreign origin, be it toxic or nontoxic, to be dumped anywhere in the Philippines, Cojuangco said.
More general chapters introduce cultural heritage law and international trade in cultural material and discuss controls on the export of cultural objects and human rights, export controls on material of foreign origin, and a legal pluralist approach to international trade in cultural objects.
Karachi: At least three alleged terrorists were killed and five suspects of foreign origin arrested in a raid at an Afghan refugee camp on Sunday, police said.
He told journalists that the insurgents were well-equipped carrying different brands of weapons, with rebels of foreign origin were also seen among their ranks.
He had a weapon of foreign origin with him and stolen money in the amount of more than $1.
For instance, United States legislation on imports stipulates that every article of foreign origin imported into the US must be marked "legibly, indelibly and permanently as the nature of the article will permit" with the English name of the country of origin.